Jungle Ride


Rique and Nanda are responsible for the safety of the Jungle Park, a huge thematic park into the African jungle. During a ride through the park, they see that the animals are being dominated by an unknown force.

Now you have to help them fight against evil before the park and all the jungle are destroyed. Take food, coins and special items. Stay alive and increase your firepower!

Pick up as many coins as you can to buy important items in your adventure. At the end of each stage, you can purchase items with the collected coins.

1) Double Jump (30 coins) - allows you to jump twice and pick up items in highest places;
2) Fast Moves (50 coins) - allows you to move rapidly forward and backward;
3) Simple Weapon (80 coins) - allows you to eliminate most of the enemies (except ghost and rock), but needs more shots in some situations;
4) Laser Weapon (120 coins) - allows you to destroy any enemies that cross your way with only one shot;
5) Shield (150 coins) - to protect yourself and destroy the enemies that try to touch you;

You will need to maintain good health and physical condition during the battle with the enemies. Your health is measured in units of energy (hearts shown in the left corner). Every second is important and you lose a power unit. In later stages you will lose more units of energy per second.

To maintain your health, you should pick the fruits that appear in your way. Each fruit adds power units to your health: strawberry (1 unit), grape (5 units) and banana (10 units).

Get the triple shot to increase your destructiveness, the magnet to attract all the coins and charge to recharge your health, weapons and defenses. Win a new life every 5000 points.

Avoid the holes that appear in the jungle. If you fall into a hole, you will be transported to the underground scene and everything will be more difficult.

Eat, collect, run, jump, shoot and defend yourself from unknown forces in this amazing endless run and shooting game.



Jungle Ride - Intro Video

Jungle Ride - Screens

Basic requirements:


  • Android 4.1 or above;


Key features


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Jungle Ride

Support to keyboard, touch and gamepad. X X
Allows to pause the game. X X
Displays banners and advertisements X -
Allows to select characters (boy & girl) - X
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